Closet Must-Have: Oversized T-Shirt

I adore oversized T-shirts. They’re so versatile; they can be tied, tucked, or left loose. They can be worn with literally everything for a casual, effortless look. Not to mention, they are hands down the comfiest article of clothing out there.

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Finding the perfect over-sized T is harder than you would think. Here are my tips to make it a little easier.

1) Try it on.
I have over-sized T-shirts that are just a size or two larger than my usual size, and I have some that came straight from the men’s section.

2) Think about how you want to wear it.
If you want to wear it with leggings, you probably want to be sure it is long enough to cover your butt, which might mean getting it even larger than you expected. If you want to fold the sleeves, look for a shirt with plenty of sleeve under the arm (hint: boys T’s are great for this).

3) Be aware of the material.
If your shirt is cotton, there is a good chance that throwing it in the dryer will cause major shrinkage. Also, pay attention to the washing instructions inside the shirt, so you can be sure it always remains the perfect size.


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