Rice Cake Rapture

I think that rice cakes have a poor reputation of being THAT snack. You know, the one you munch on so you don’t feel guilty later? They come in practically every flavour, from sweet to savoury, and are low in calories, which, I think, is their main appeal to most people.

Call me crazy, but I genuinely love them. Yes, I am a twenty year old starving student  who enthusiastically grabs sleeves of plain rice cakes at the grocery store and proceeds to the express line to get home and rip open a bag!

The truth is, although they are low-cal, rice cakes are really nothing more than carbohydrates and salt. They provide no real nutritional value. However, they provide a base for endless meal and snack concoctions that do. Here are four of my favourites:


Peanut Butter, Banana, and Cinnamon.





 Cream Cheese and Cucumber




Avocado, Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Sea Salt




Raspberry Jam, Sauteed Spinach, an Over Easy Egg, and Sea Salt





I challenge you to pick up a sleeve of plain rice cakes instead (or as well as) a loaf of bread the next time you’re out. Tell me I’m not crazy!

Let me know what some of your favourite recipes are.


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  1. Great! I just published a post about snacking on rice cakes 🙂


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