Closet Must Have: Sneakers

I love sneakers. They are probably the most practical shoe out there; they’re comfortable and can be worn with almost anything!

Even if I wasn’t a student without a car, relying on untrustworthy bus schedules and her own two feet to get around, I would recommend having at least one good pair of sneaks at the door.

Here are three of my favourites:

1. Nike Roshe Runs13935168_10210435867718786_565855457182518525_nThese are probably the most comfortable and durable of the three. I love them because I can wear them with pretty much anything and never have to worry about my feet hurting after a day on my feet. Nike makes this particular shoe in so many different colours and patterns, you are bound to find your perfect pair!

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

13879362_10210435867438779_2026853388560864306_nJust like my Nikes, I love my Converse because I can wear them with anything. These shoes feel a lot lighter on my feet and give an outfit less of a sporty and more of a “hipster” vibe when compared to the previous sneaker. Also, similar to the Roshe Runs, these sneakers are made in so many different colours and materials to accommodate your own personal style.

3. Keds by Taylor Swift

13886343_10210435867358777_6529196193801188427_nThese shoes were a Christmas gift from my aunt and I think she only got them because she knows all about my obsession with Tay. Little did she know that I would still be wearing and loving them years later. I feel like a broken record here, but, Keds too, is great with their wide selection of colours and designs. I especially love these ones because there are no laces, and being able to comfortably slide my feet in on the way out the door is always nice!

I also love the fact that they’re red. I love when an outfit’s pop of colour comes from the shoes. It’s fun and unexpected. The lace is another nice quality that makes these sneakers more interesting than my other pairs. These sneakers are definitely the preppiest of the bunch.




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