Summer to Fall: Favourite Trends

Fall is fast approaching and, like most teenage girls, I am super excited about what that means in the fashion world! You are lying if you try to tell me that the thought of layering your favourite sweaters with a PSL in hand doesn’t make you smile.

That’s why I thought I would share with you some of my favourite trends for the transition from summer to fall.


I am obsessed with chokers! You can pretty much find them at any store that sells accessories. Here are some of my favourites from Aldo (none cost more than $15!):

TIP: Choker necklaces are also a super easy DIY. They can be made out of literally anything; pieces of string, felt, shoelaces, old T-Shirts – the list goes on and on.


The athletic, sporty look is in and that means two things: I can finally wear my comfiest clothes out of the house without looking like a slob and I have no excuse to avoid the gym.

The retro gym short has made a huge comeback and I am loving everything about it.

From left to right: Forever21 ($13.90), Urban Outfitters ($29), Brandy Melville ($14)



This trend is perfect for the transition from summer to fall. Who doesn’t own a basic T-shirt? Slip dresses are so dainty and feminine and throwing one on OVER something else gives it a more edgy look, which is perfect for fall (and appropriate for public).

Silky tank tops are another way to pull off this look.


I’m not talking about worker socks and Birkenstocks; I’m talking about those unique, cute socks and chunky, platform sandals. This is another trend that is perfect for the transition into fall as the temperature begins to drop.


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