Purple Hair, Don’t Care

You’ve heard of her before. The girl who loses her job. The girl who got dumped by her boyfriend. The list of “tragedies” goes on. Instead of wallowing in her sadness, she unleashes her inner Beyonce and makes a FIERCE change in her appearance. Usually chopping her hair or maxing her credit card at LV and Prada.

Okay, so I might not have lost my job or been dumped by my [non-existent] boyfriend, but my life has been thrown all out of whack recently, and, taking notes from all the classic rom-com plot lines, made a radical change to my appearance.


Yes, I went to the salon on October 12, showed my hair-dresser the photos of what I wanted, sat in the chair, and watched on as she painted my head purple. Not once did I question what I was doing. I needed change and this was it. This was happening (plus, I had been sitting on this idea for about 6 months already, so it wasn’t ENTIRELY spontaneous).

I opted for a more subtle shade of purple, which I love! It looks different depending on the lighting… COOL, RIGHT?! I figured this was perfect for fall!

I think this is the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Those movies might be cheesy and you probably roll your eyes at least four times a scene, but there is some truth in the empowerment the characters feel after making a drastic change to their appearance.

Maybe it’s the symbolism of it all. Maybe it’s the control.

Whatever it is, it works.



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