What to do with Over-Ripe/Frozen Bananas That is NOT Banana Bread

I think it has become human instinct to toss banana’s in the freezer when they become overripe.

“I’ll make banana bread!” We all tell ourselves. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. All of a sudden the freezer is overflowing with frozen bananas and there is no loaf in sight!

Here are some other ways to use overripe bananas:


Mashing a banana into oatmeal is a great way to use it. When the banana is overripe it is super easy to mash, and the heat makes it even easier. Plus, overripe bananas are extra sweet, so if you don’t like plain oats, the flavour will disperse itself throughout the whole bowl! Although, I’m not stopping you from adding any extras (can you tell how much I love cinnamon?).


You can place your pre-cut frozen bananas in your hot oatmeal and they will thaw and sweeten your oats in no time. They might not look so appetizing, but they will taste just fine.



If your freezer is already stocked on frozen bananas, why not throw the overripe ones on your counter into a smoothie? They’re going to turn into a purée anyways. Like the oatmeal, you can also blend the already frozen ones into your smoothie.




I found this recipe on Pinterest and it is perfect! I made 3 batches (one plain, one with cinnamon, and one with vanilla and coconut) and keep them in the freezer. Whenever I want one (or ten), I just pop it in the microwave and it softens up. They are perfect for a boost of energy and there is just 60 cals in one cookie!

Tip: I made mine smaller than the recipe called for, so they could serve as more of an energy bite rather than breakfast.

Here is the link to the recipe.




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