How to: Perfect Winged Eyeliner

What girl doesn’t love the look of sharp, winged eyeliner? If she is out there, I have yet to meet her.

What girl is able to perfect the art of sharp, winged eyeliner on her first try every time? Still waiting to meet her.

If you are her, please come forward and teach me everything you know.

Until we meet this mysterious makeup master, here is my trick to ensure that, after near completion of the masterpiece that is your eye makeup, you aren’t forced to take it all off and restart thanks to a shaky hand and liquid liner.


  • tape075
  • your favourite eyeliner

Seriously, that’s it!

All you need to do is align a small piece of tape below where you want to wing out your eyeliner. Once you have drawn the wing and the liner is dry, you can peel off the tape revealing a sharp line that is even on both sides (assuming you placed the tape evenly, that is).

If your hand is extra shaky you can place a piece of tape above where you want the line as well.

Voila! If you’re anything like me, this hack will save you at least 10 minutes and a whole lot of frustration when getting ready in a time crunch.

Go on. Be flawless.


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  1. Just what I need! 😀

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