November Favourites

November is the last full month of fall, and that means winter is fast approaching. Accordingly, my November favourites seem to have a theme: warm and cozy. I think I spent more time cozied up with a cup of tea than anything else this month.

  • Turtleneck Sweaters: I’m pretty sure the only kinds of tops I wore this month were sweaters, and turtleneck sweaters were definitely a staple. They are just so cozy! As much as I would love to live in my campus hoodies, these are much more appropriate.


  • Lady Like: Lady Like by Essie is a beautiful neutral mauve. I love it so much that it was the only colour I used this month!


  • PB2: This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. I tried PB2 for the first time this month and I have been obsessed with it! I’ve been trying it out as a swap for regular peanut butter with literally everything. If you haven’t read my review post, you can read it here.



  • Apple Cinnamon Tea: This tea tastes like liquid cinnamon hearts. The best part about it is that it is caffeine-free. I need a cup of tea before bed, and, for the month of November, this was my staple.



  • Banana Teas: I stumbled upon these teas with my mom and, after arguing over which of the two we would purchase, we ended up with both! The two teas are comparable and I couldn’t leave one off this list. I love a cup of green tea in the morning, and Banana Crush is the perfect sweet, nutty treat! Triple Banana Split became my go-to midday pick-me-up with its rich, nutty flavour


  • Lemon Water: As a result of my current physical health, my body temperature is low. Thus, November felt like January to me! Correspondingly, hot drinks were the only fluid I could stand to drink. As you might imagine, that meant my caffeine intake accidentally skyrocketed. In an attempt to stay hydrated, I began drinking a cup of boiling lemon water before my morning coffee. It made me feel so good that that quickly turned into about 35 cups a day (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get it).


  • Charmed: I started watching this show at the end of October (fitting, I know), and I’ve been loving it. The show stars Shannon Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs (anyone else missing PLL?). I highly recommend watching this show if you’re into the teenage supernatural genre of TV.


  • Bob’s Burgers: I usually don’t like shows like this, but I find Bob’s Burgers hilarious! Tina’s lines crack me up. I often watch this as a distraction show while I eat or have an episode playing in the background while I get ready.


  • Mermaid Tail Blanket: This time of year, I am always wrapped in a fleece blanket. This particular one has me embracing my inner Ariel.


  • Milk and Honey: I had been dying to get my hands on this book for months, and I finally did. I actually got this book at the end of October, but I found myself marking the pages of my favourite poems and going back through it over and over again this past month. I was not unfamiliar with Kaur’s poems prior to purchasing this book, however, the first time I read the book cover to cover, I felt like I was. Seriously, you need to read this. Any feminist will appreciate the art that is this book.





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