BreakFAST: Nutritious Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

I think that, by now, it is pretty obvious how important I think it is to eat breakfast. As a result, here are four ideas for the days you’re rushing out the door:



Cereal might seem like the obvious option here, which is exactly why I’m starting with it. Pour desired amount of cereal in bowl, pour milk over cereal, and you’re done! What’s faster than that? Nothing; nothing is faster than that.

Breakfast cereals tend to not be the most nutritious option, though. For one, the amount of added sugar in breakfast cereals is insane! Portion sizes are another thing that tends to be ignored when it comes to a bowl of cereal.

I’m not going to tell you to pull out your measuring cup and properly measure your cereal when you’re running late; we both know there is no time for that. However, keeping cereals like bran flakes or Weetabix (two of my favourites) on stock will ensure that on busy mornings you can enjoy a classic bowl of cereal. Not only are these cereals high in fibre to fill you up when you thought you had no time to eat, but without the added sugar, you can avoid the crash that makes you question why you didn’t stop at Starbucks despite running late.

Tip: Add berries, dried fruit, or even your own (portioned) amount of sugar to these cereals to control the amount of sugar, if you need a little sweetness.




Few people can enjoy a bowl of plain oats. As much as I love to get creative with a bowl, when I’m in a rush, a simple one-ingredient bowl of oatmeal gives me the fibre I need to get through the morning and takes just 1.5 minutes to make! Think about chocolate or vanilla almond milk instead of water to give it flavour. Stirring in a dollop of nut butter is another way to enjoy your oatmeal in a time crunch. My personal favourite, is sprinkling cinnamon on top!



It is no secret that avocados provide a number of health benefits, which is why they are the perfect spread for toast in the morning. While your toast is toasting, you can slice the avocado in half and get ready to spread it! I love topping it with only avocado, but if you have the extra time a slice of tomato tastes great. A squirt of lemon juice and sea salt are also great flavour enhancers that take no extra time.




This one is for the mornings when you don’t even have time for the toast to pop. Rice cakes are a perfect alternative to toast with their crunch and ability to pair well with any spread. Peanut butter is a great one because it provides the protein and fat missing from the plain rice cake.






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