Fall to Winter: Favourite Trends

Despite the snow and frigid wind that has been around since November, it is officially winter today. It is only fitting that today I share with you my favourite trends that I will be transitioning into the new season.


The turtleneck trend was one that I fully embraced this fall, and  will definitely be wearing into winter. Not only do they provide optimal warmth, but they are perfect to throw on when you don’t have time to think about accessories. Throwing on a nice jacket is the perfect way to carry your light turtlenecks into the chillier season, and chunky knit turtlenecks are already perfect for winter!


Statement Choker Necklaces

It seems covering up one’s neck is a pattern in the fashion world today. I’ve been wearing chokers since summer (you can read my post about summer to fall trends here), and not much will change from fall to winter. The choker pictured on the left is just $24 from Urban Outfitters, and the the two on the left are from Aldo (top: $18, bottom: $15).

Tip: Like I mentioned in my last post, these can also be easy DIY projects!

Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots were a huge trend this fall. The best part about them? They can easily transition into the beginning of winter! You know, before all of us Canadians swap the out for our snowshoes.

With the trend being a boot that comes taller than the ankle, but still classified as an ankle boot, you can wear your fuzziest of socks, and no one will know! Or allow your cozy knit socks to peak out of the boot for a casual transition.


Patches on Denim

Patches were a huge trend this fall. There were few bare denim jackets. Just because we have to put our denim jackets away, doesn’t mean we have to ditch the patches. Instead, show them off on your jeans!

Patches are so versatile and can be found for just a few dollars online and in stores like Aldo accessories and Brandy Melville.








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