December Favourites

December was a crazy 31 days. I began the month in one hospital and ended it in another. As a result, my favourites seem to revolve around the theme of comfort.

We Heart It: I don’t know what it is about this site that has me so addicted. Like Tumblr, I could spend hours scrolling through, just staring at images. What I love about We Heart It is that you can organize the pictures into collections. I like to use these as inspiration boards. It is great for creating collages (I made desktop backgrounds for this month using images from this site only). Scrolling through holiday photos from this site put me in Christmas spirit.

Storms (Hedley): I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have somewhat of a schoolgirl crush on Jacob Hoggard. I love his stage presence, I love his voice, and I love his band. I love all of their albums, but I found myself drawn to their album “Storms” this month. With all that I’ve been through I have found myself relating to a lot of the songs on this album. If you’ve read my playlist post you’d know that I’ve had “Stormy” and “Invincible” on repeat all month.

Colouring books: I’m going to be honest with you; I always thought colouring books were overrated. I loved to colour… when I was seven. I brought my colouring books everywhere from long car rides to my brothers boring hockey games. They kept me busy. Now I am twenty and the last thing I thought I would be doing in my free time is colouring in a colouring book! I was proven wrong and, despite not actually purchasing a single one for myself, have been gifted seven. Yes. SEVEN. And guess what? I have at least one full page coloured in each of them already! There really is something so therapeutic and grounding about them. I was proven wrong.


Prompt books: I think it goes without saying that I love to write. I also love to draw, though I’m not exactly an artist. Nevertheless, I often find myself itching to be creative, but my brain is blocked. These books are great for curing writers/art block!


Reebok Sweats: When I was in the hospital I wore nothing but sweatpants. Entering an eating disorders program at a different hospital, you can imagine not much changed. These sweats are my favourite because, with a fitting cami under a denim shirt or flannel, joggers look more presentable than the average pair of sweatpants.


Looking for Alaska: One of the books that I read this month, or, rather, reread was Looking for Alaska by John Green. I love John Green. I love his style of writing and I love his unique stories (my all-time favourite book is Paper Towns). I found that I really resonate with the main character, Miles Halter, and his search for The Great Perhaps.

Vanishing Acts: This was the first Jodi Picoult book that I’ve read and I immediately texted my aunt, who lent me this one, for more. This book, all about the lost and found, is full of irony. Picoult is a phenomenal writer and I can’t wait to finish my current book, so I can start another one of hers.

Beats Wireless Headphones: Between getting up early over the short time that I was at home and entering a hospital program that doesn’t allow me to close my door, these headphones have been a lifesaver. Whether it be connected to my iPod (no phones allowed either) or my computer, I can get anything done and not worry about the clutter that comes along with the device and the wire. If anything, it sets the day up to be as stress-free as possible.

Decaf Coffee: Last month was all about tea and this month was coffee. Maybe it’s because it’s the holidays and nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a little Bailey’s in your morning cup. Or your afternoon cup. Or both, I’m not judging. Leaving the hospital, I made the decision to cut back on caffeine after realizing its effects on my anxiety. However, having a cup with my mom was not a part of my routine that I was willing to give up. Especially given the fact that I only had one week of the month to do so. Now, in the program that I am in, I’m not even allowed caffeine! Still, I can’t give up my coffee, so decaf it is.


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