What’s in my Purse: Winter Edition

My current purse was a Christmas gift two years ago. It’s from Aldo and Taylor Swift has the same one!   I love the look of a sturdy, structured bag. The size of this one in particular makes it perfect for all my cold weather essentials! Here is what I carry with me: Wallet This one is kind…

Ensure Recipes

After leaving the hospital 9 pounds heavier on December 6, I was under a strict meal plan to ensure (haha, get it?) that I didn’t lose the weight that I put on. Unfortunately for me, that meant an Ensure (or any other high protein, high cal supplement drink) with every meal. Now, in a specialized…

Minimalist Desktop Backgrounds

I love making desktop backgrounds. When I open up my computer to work on a project, there is nothing more inspiring than staring at a screen full of images reminding me of what I love. That’s why I love creating collages. Recently, I’ve been loving the minimalist theme.  

January Favourites

Genie Pants: In a place where I’m expected to gain 1-2 kg a week, these pants are a huge favourite. They’re cuter than sweatpants and they make it a lot easier to accept my ever-changing body.   Me To We Rafiki Bracelets: I love these bracelets because they are a great way to give back to a cause….