January Favourites

Genie Pants: In a place where I’m expected to gain 1-2 kg a week, these pants are a huge favourite. They’re cuter than sweatpants and they make it a lot easier to accept my ever-changing body.


Me To We Rafiki Bracelets: I love these bracelets because they are a great way to give back to a cause. I was gifted both of mine: one representing health and the other representing opportunity.


Knitting: With nothing but time to kill, I picked this up as a new hobby. I find it to be very therapeutic – keeping my hands busy is a must to ease my anxiety. Scarves for everyone!



Lion: A Memoir of Saroo Brierley’s fascinating story, this book was one I couldn’t put down. At 5 years old he boards a train, unknowingly separating himself from his family for 25 years. Adopted to a wonderful family in Australia, Saroo works with his family using Facebook and Google Earth to piece together his past. It is a truly remarkable story, and I would recommend it to anyone.


Wear Your Label: This is a brand dedicated to ending the stigma toward mental illness. They sell clothing, jewellery, and pillows. The best part: part of what you purchase is goes toward the cause.



Crossword Puzzles: Crossword puzzles have been one of my favourite distraction tools this month. Not only can I pick them up and put them down as I please, but it keeps my mind occupied.


Fidget Toy and Stress Balls: January 12 marked one month of my inpatient stay in an eating disorders program. As you might imagine, with rapid re-feeding, my body has changed a lot. It has been an uncomfortable and unfamiliar experience. I found myself absentmindedly body-checking, a habit that could quickly become treatment interfering. Knowing this, I’ve found keeping my hands busy to be very important for my success. As a result, when I’m not doing an activity to do so, I fidget with my stress balls or my caterpillar designed specifically for this cause.



Sketchpad: Growing up I was into anything creative and that included sketching. It is one of those things that I wish I never put down because I think I could have gotten really good at. Luckily, I kept all my supplies and here I am picking up my old hobby. I find it to be very therapeutic and it is yet another way to keep my hands busy. 


Unbearable Lightness: This is a memoir written by Portia de Rossi. Struggling with her sexuality and an eating disorder, her strength and resilience is truly inspiring. I must warn you, to anyone struggling with their own body image issues, this book has the potential to be triggering. Nevertheless, she is an example of success in overcoming the trauma that accompany society’s standards of beauty and normalcy.



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