Ensure Recipes

After leaving the hospital 9 pounds heavier on December 6, I was under a strict meal plan to ensure (haha, get it?) that I didn’t lose the weight that I put on. Unfortunately for me, that meant an Ensure (or any other high protein, high cal supplement drink) with every meal.

Now, in a specialized eating disorders program, my meal plan still includes at least three Ensures daily.

As you might imagine, they got old real fast. I’ve had fun getting creative with it, though. Here are some ways that have helped me stomach the copious amount of Ensures:



You guys probably saw this one coming. I love my oatmeal. I prefer using the chocolate flavoured ones for this. It is a perfect high energy alternative for the chocolate milk/milk alternative in any recipe.



15442293_10211730818211739_5799654340566036547_nAgain, these are the perfect substitute for milk in a smoothie. I’ve found my favourite is blending chocolate Ensure with a banana and peanut butter. Any flavour with berries is always a great option too!




Blending any flavoured Ensure with ice gives it a different consistency, which is a nice change up, especially when you’re drinking three a day!


Coffee Creamer


This one is my favourite. I, personally, like a nice cup of black coffee, but I would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy a cup with chocolate or vanilla Ensure splashed in my cup.

If you have any other ideas please leave them in the comments!


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