What’s in my Purse: Winter Edition

My current purse was a Christmas gift two years ago. It’s from Aldo and Taylor Swift has the same one!



I love the look of a sturdy, structured bag. The size of this one in particular makes it perfect for all my cold weather essentials!

Here is what I carry with me:


This one is kind of obvious, but it is ALWAYS in my purse.

Hand Lotion

I love the EOS hand lotions. They are the perfect size for any purse. My skin gets so dry this time of year and I find myself constantly moisturizing my hands when I go out.

Hand Sanitizer

Like my wallet, this is a year-round essential. However, this time of year, I love Bath & Body Works’ winter time scented hand sanitizers.


Yet another year-round essential. You never know when you’re going to be held up somewhere; be it a bus stop or a waiting room. It’s always nice to be able to listen to music or watch a video without being that person (you know who you are).


This is a fairly recent essential. Ever since my anxiety worsened and I started having an absurd amount of appointments each week, I find there is always a journal and/or a colouring book and pencils in my purse. Even when I don’t need them, it is nice to know I have it.

Lip Balm

Yet another year round necessity. Although, in the colder, dry weather, I find myself reaching for a lip balm more often than not.


I like to have a pack of gum, or a few mints in my purse. I often bring a coffee to-go and no one likes coffee breath.


Anxiety pills. Tylenol. Advil. I’m basically a walking pharmacy.

Cloth Gloves

Most of the time my hands are quite cold, so its nice to be able to pull out a pair of gloves. These cloth gloves take up next to no space and you can buy a pair that still allows you to use your smartphone.


My agenda is always on me. I would feel lost without it.

Scented Fabric

I have two small pieces of fabric with essential oils. Whenever I feel anxious in public, I can pull these out and it instantly calms me.


For the same reason I carry around my anxiety pills, I like to have a small fidget, like putty, in my purse. It’s more conspicuous than other fidgets, but does the job.



Let me know what your everyday essentials are in the comments below!




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