February Favourites

Putty: Putty has been my go to fidget this month. It is a lot easier to carry around and pull out in public.

Blundstone Boots: Upon my transition from inpatient to outpatient in the eating disorders program, I decided that I deserved a gift. I ended up with a beautiful pair of Blundstone boots in rustic brown. They are so comfortable and match everything.


Lavender Scented Heating Pad: I got this for Christmas, but was only just able to use it this month. Boy, was I missing out! It is perfect when I’m so bloated I feel five months pregnant and the scent is so calming. Lying in bed, clutching it to my stomach is my ideal position.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: I started this series on Netflix for two reasons: I loved the books and movie as a child and I think Neil Patrick Harris is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. It is perfect. The cast, the script, the costumes, everything. I definitely recommend it.

Fidget Ring: This ring was a gift from one of my mom’s thoughtful friends. I didn’t think I would wear it much, but I wear it almost every day. Like the putty, it is more conspicuous, so it feels more “normal” (whatever that means) to have out in public.


Flannel Pyjama Set: This month I gave myself quite a few pyjama days. They were the best days. Reading, watching Netflix, knitting, drawing, I did it all in a cute pyjama set.


Polyvore: This is a website that I used to love playing around on in high school. This month I rediscovered it and it has been a great way to stay distracted and pass the time. Creating outfits that I will never be able to afford is like entering a dream world. Maybe one day…

Butter Pecan Flavoured Coffee:  As a former Second Cup barista, I might be biased when I say that Second Cup is the best coffee chain in Canada. For my mom’s birthday last year, I ground her beans of my favourite flavours, including butter pecan. Now that I’m living at home again, I am able to enjoy a cup of joe with her every morning. Having to leave my house by 7:30am, it is imperative that that cup is a good one. This month I’ve been loving this flavour.


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