Super-Student Study Snacks



Almonds are one of my go-to superfoods. Full of healthy fats, protein, vitamins and fibre, they are a great snack to power through an intense study sesh. Just one handful, can benefit a person’s blood pressure, blood sugar, and choleseral levels.

Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage can provide a world of advantages. It has been proven to improve brain function making it perfect to snack on while studying for that upcoming exam. It is also shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease!

Bonus points if you have dark chocolate covered almonds.



Blueberries are the perfect study snack because the antioxidants in them can help improve brain function, including your memory. On top of that, a diet full of blueberries can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, UTIs, and, potentially, cancer!


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