May Favourites

May was a really good month for me. I feel like I’m finally getting into a routine that makes me feel like me again. Here is what I’ve been loving:

Yoga With Adrienne: Yoga has always been something that I’ve loved to do. Easing myself back into a normal exercise routine, I’ve been trying to do one of Adrienne’s videos daily. I love her approach because she focuses more on the mental, emotional and spiritual outcome rather than the physicality of yoga. She emphasizes choosing variations that feel right for you. Here is the link to her channel.

Diffuser: I ordered this diffuser by Holan on Amazon for just $24.99! That’s a steal! I’ve used it pretty much everyday since it arrived at the end of April. It’s small so it is easy to move around the house and fits on any table. The lights are beautiful and it automatically shuts off when all the water has evaporated. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try out aromatherapy.


GirlBoss: I binge-watched this show in 3 days! It was amazing! I can only dream of one day having the confidence of Sophia. The story of how Nasty Gal came to be is told in this show in a hilarious fashion.

Harry Styles (Harry Styles): I LOVE Harry’s sound! This album is so chill and upbeat – I feel really cool when I’m listening to it. It definitely reflects his personal style, and, as a long time fan, I am so happy for him!


Issues by Julia Michaels: I listened to this song on repeat this month! I’m sure next month I will be so sick of it. I need more Julia Michaels NOW.

Ancient Teachings For Beginners: This book by Douglas De Long introduces the reader to auras, chakras, angels, and astral projections. I find this stuff fascinating and I’ve been working on meditating more often. This month I’ve really focused on opening my chakras, so I can be better attuned to my psychic abilities. I love how user friendly this book is – it provides a great introduction to each topic, so anyone interested can understand and unleash their spiritual self.

Toe Rings: I love the bohemian vibe established by ankle bracelets and toe rings. This month the weather warmed up enough to start wearing sandals, which means it was time to slip on my toe rings. All of mine were rejects from my mom’s jewelry box, lucky me! Hack: toe rings can double as midi rings too!



The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: This self-help book by Mark Manson aims to teach the reader how to improve their life by choosing what and how they can determine what it is to truly spend energy caring about. He emphasizes allowing yourself to feel like garbage when shitty things happen, but suggests we use that pain or frustration to improve ourselves. Manson’s writing is honest and hilarious, which I love. I really could have used this book fifteen years ago!



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