June Favourites

Time for another monthly favourites post! This month I moved back to school, o to offset the fear and anxiety about trying this again, I threw myself into the lives of others through books, movies, and music. Here is what I really enjoyed:

GoodReads: I just joined the GoodReads community this month and I’ve been loving it! I spend way too much time reading about the books recommended to me and planning what I will read next. I wish I discovered this site earlier! If you’re on GoodReads and are interested in what I might be reading, you can find me here.

What She Knew: This mystery thriller is written by Gilly Macmillan and I could not put it down! When a little boy goes missing in the woods, his family is hysterical and even the cops struggle with the situation. I found myself questioning every character, wondering if they had anything to do with the disappearance.

The Help: This book, by Kathryn Stockett, follows the lives of African American maids working for white families in Mississippi. The power differential seems to be the accepted norm, however, this gets challenged. I had been meaning to read this book for years, and I finally did. I powered through this one in a few days as well. It is definitely a powerful story.

Overnight Oats: June was the first month this summer that was truly hot. It’s was also the month that I started school. As a result of the stifling and busy mornings, overnight oats became my go-to breakfast. Future blog post?

One Cup French Press: This month I’ve been trying to limit my coffee intake. I drink coffee as a means of comfort rather than to wake up. I could never give up my morning cups, but i’m certainly trying to find better ways to cope. Only making one cup at a time has definitely been helpful in getting to the root of the problem.

A Dog’s Purpose: I read the book last month and I thought it was cute. This month, I finally got around to watching the movie and, let me tell you, it was an experience. I laughed and cried in the same scene multiple times throughout this movie. Like most other book turned movies, I liked the story better in the book. However, I definitely found the movie more emotional. What did we do to deserve dogs?

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom: I love Halsey and she certainly did not disappoint with this album. The album is like listening to a story and the emotion in her songs are beautiful.




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