DIY Calming Face Spray

This is so easy, I don’t know if I am even allowed to call it a DIY.

All you need is a spray bottle, water, and lavender essential oil.

I love lavender essential oil. Breathing it in instantly relieves anxiety. I keep it on me at all times; sometimes I even put a drop on my wrists or behind my ears before leaving the house. I also love diffusing the scent in my room when I’m stressed and studying and putting a few drops on my pillow before going to bed.

This spray does the same thing and is especially nice in the summer or if your anxiety has already caused your temperature to rise. Simply mix as many drops of lavender oil with a full bottle of water as you desire. I decorated my bottle with this sticky label and some markers. This is perfect to keep by your door or beside your bed. It’s calming and refreshing.



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