DIY Sunglasses Display

As I move into my new room, I’m trying to focus on creating a space that makes me feel zen. I want to come home, close my door, and instantly feel at ease. I love being in nature. I love the thought of humans coexisting on this planet with other living species. I find it to be a very grounding experience.

This DIY is super easy, not to mention inexpensive, and incorporates a little bit of nature into my bedroom.


  • Twig
  • Garden Scissors (optional)
  • String
  • Clear nail polish
  • Hook and Tape to hang


I went outside and found a twig in my garden, but, of course you can find one anywhere. I cut it down to my desired size with a pair of garden scissors to give it a clean look. But, if you want it to be more jagged and imperfect, all you need to do is snap it.

Then, with white string (you can use fishing line, or twine instead), I cut one piece that could be tied tightly to the branch and another, longer piece, that I could tie and use to hang the branch. You’ll want the smaller piece, when tied at either end of the twig, to run as close as possible because once you hang your glasses, the weight will stretch the string and it will hang below the branch.

Once both pieces of string have been tied, I covered the knots with clear nail polish to ensure they don’t come undone.

Now, you just have to find a place to hang it! I used a command hook, since I can’t put holes in the walls of my student rental. It was rather unsteady, so I taped the string to the wall on either side to hold it still (this is more clear in the photo)

This DIY can be modified to hold anything: keys, jewellery, you name it!



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